Never complained to the former lover.
  When you see through, pretend not to see through.
  Bestie, in fact, is another own.
  Don't scatter, scold not to go is bestie.
  Serious games, but keep in mind is just a game.
  Set small goals every day and work hard to achieve.
  Bank card password do not use her boyfriend's birthday.
  Think of ways to make money, not how to save money.
  Like the things they try to buy, do not expect others to send.
  Once the underwear is broken, no longer wear, immediately throw away.
  Bestie, for us, is even more important than lovers.
  To receive sweet and sweet words, remember to smile, and then delete.
  Have you know a bestie side, is a very happy thing.
  Thank you enlighten me in my helplessness, cry to comfort me.
  Bestie is a look as long as I can understand all of me.
  Bestie is, when she can't sleep, you don't want to sleep.
  When is the darkest bestie, accompany you when people.
  Firmly do not buy a large number of clothes, do not give their own fat space.
  Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, remember to buy a gift for yourself.
  Good bestie is to take one of your faults that half of those.
  Before the holiday Shangjie crazy snow fight, deducted from the wallet one hundred.
  Dimi status as the noon sleep, put his face on the bottom leave.
  Before going out, according to the time and intensity of walking to consider the shoes to wear.
  Bestie, today is the kind of loud laugh tomorrow, near far to bother.
  Before eating cookies, put your hands on your stomach and feel the presence of fat.
  Can wash cheap clothes, but remember their own grade than the high price.
  Remember your mistakes and try to make up, but don't blame yourself forever.
  What time from the beginning, you have someone in my heart, unshakable position.
  Occasionally send text messages to friends who do not often contact, never look back to find a former lover.
  I don't want to be greedy. There is only one wish: life always have you, my bestie.
  To eat is determined not to spit it out, so to eat before you want to know. Love is.
  Happiness is, even if there is no boyfriend, there will be no dear love bestie tune you.
  Good sun, but remember the sun. The mood also can carry on the photosynthesis. Really.
  Bestie we want to be a girl, a temper rascal educated lady.
  Bestie is when you are being bullied by others, willing to stand up for you who fling caution to the winds.
  In this life, the most let me feel happiness, is to see your bestie, a happiness.
  Really fancy things to buy, do not borrow money. Really love the man on, do.
  The skin care products on the table is always more than cosmetics, expensive, good, for a woman to keep outside the tune.
  There will be no more than second men love you like Dad, so the most loving man, of course, is a father.
  Weight loss is for a better life. If because of losing weight and lose the fun of life, it is better to give up.
  Bestie is the more you give her, the more she is insatiable, but the relationship is still so good.
  As long as there is a bestie together that is hi to overflowing! I want our friendship forever, until the The end of life.
  You have no scruples to talk to her, xiangmajiuma is sweet sweet and really want to talk about is bestie.
  Remember: your bestie if he break your wings, I will destroy his heaven, I have no one dare to hurt you.
  Don't squeeze the bus and others too tight, give yourself a few centimeters of space. Work is also, study is also.
  When you are lonely, do not listen to slow songs, nostalgia or tired of dying in the Internet, stand up and do sports or to find a friend to gossip.
  There has been a desire, and have the same bestie rent a room, each day on each class, simple work together to hi!
  I will ignore your faults, and even if they are bad for you, I will not be involved, because I will be your sister.
  Just go downstairs to buy fruit, don't dress too casual. You never know when you're going to meet someone.
  Eat more fruit juice drink, eat snacks, drink plenty of water, take a small number of stations, few want to see more, shaoshuoduozuo, less nostalgic look forward to more.
  Friend is sitting together even if the words that I said the objective is not to take, you know, even if they don't say what, also won't feel embarrassed.
  In fact, there are two bestie enough, a willing to lend you the money. When she asks you for money, the other one dares to help you hit her, that's enough.
  Dear friend, you never see the most lonely, when I look, because only you don't by my side, I was the most lonely.
  I will let you bully me, who told me that I was a person being bullied, but I will not be angry with you, because I have you as a sister.
  There were no words don't say occasionally grudge although not began is so good but in the common experience of the days of each firm heart a intimate girlfriends.
  I'll be all right with your speech, although often scold you sick, but later you will ignore me, I will very happy, because I think of you as a sister.
  Girlfriends: is that today noisy, laugh tomorrow, in trouble, much to, not worried, dislike to meet, they can bully, bully others cannot strange things.
  You are the best bestie, nothing to hide, mutual trust, love you love her. The best love, is you can completely do yourself, she is still infatuated with the real you.
  I will try my best to be with you when you are alone, even if I can't be with you, I'll ask someone to take care of you, because I'll be your sister.
  I have a good friend and confidence, no words don't say, occasionally also held a grudge, although not so good, but in the common experience of the day, each firm's heart.
  I will pay attention to your latest trends, your every mood log I will see, although I do not have to reply to each of you, but you have to believe that I really have to pay attention, because I put you as a sister.
  I will be sad when you are sad, forgive me this person is stupid, do not know how to comfort others, do not know how to make people happy, have to accompany you to cry, because I put you as a sister.
  I will tell you the secret, more is to seriously listen to your secret, who called me those things can not be called a secret, of course, I will certainly keep the secret for you, because I put you as a sister.
  I will believe you said to me every word, even if it is a joke, then I will take it seriously, you can say I am silly, I will not mind, because I put you as a sister. Well, because I've got you as a sister.
  I have been envious of my girlfriends have one of the world's best friend, don't think don't see each other often, the sentiment is light, tell you, alone, had our friendship, I dare run rampant in your life for a lifetime.
  Girlfriends is when you want to cry, she lends shoulder to rely on you, when you finish, she will let you help her to wash clean tears wet clothes. Have you know a bestie side, is a very happy thing.
  I would like to accompany you, help you do a lot of things, like to accompany you to go to the toilet, to go to the supermarket, around the playground, help you buy a meal and you like things etc. that I don't want you return, because I think of you as a sister.